If you’ve ever dreamed of flying, you can.
It’s surprisingly simple – but no less profound.

Feel the unbelievable freedom of weightlessness –
and discover your own potential.

For one amazing moment in time and space,
you’re unlike anyone else on the planet.

This is not a simulation. It’s real. You’re weightless!

What you’ll feel is like nothing else on Earth.

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Special Events
apollo 11 moon landing 50th anniversary flight

$6,000 + 5% tax: Taking off on July 20th, 2019 from Space Florida’s Launch and Landing Facility (formerly the NASA Shuttle Landing Facility) at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport, ZERO-G will offer Apollo enthusiasts the chance to mark the exciting occasion by flying alongside former astronaut Scott Kelly. Conjuring the curiosity of moon-bound astronauts in the past, the specialized anniversary flight will demonstrate the feeling of exploring the moon’s surface by recreating lunar gravity and allowing riders to float with the ease of carrying one-sixth their normal body weight. SOLD OUT


ZERO-G 15 Year Anniversary Flight

$5,400 + 5% tax:Since operating it's first commercial flight in 2004, ZERO-G has provided over 17,000 flyers the opportunity to experience true weightlessness in over 650 parabolic flights. Celebrate with us as we enter our 15th year of commercial flight operations on our flight out of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on August 10, 2019. The ZERO-G Experience® is still the only way for the pu to experience weightlessness on Earth. Click here to book.

ZERO-G Spaceflight participant training flight

COMING SOON: Are you a Future Astronaut awaiting your turn to go to space? Prepare for blast off just like ZERO-G Flyers and Spaceflight Participants Charles Simonyi, Anousheh Ansari, Greg Olsen, and Richard Garriott did on a special training flight designed for space enthusiasts and space tourists alike. ZERO-G Spaceflight Participant Training will take place in Houston, TX on October 13, 2019. More details coming soon.