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Education Programs


ZERO-G is actively developing programs and partnerships that provide educators, students, and parents with the excitement of a ZERO-G Experience® while incorporating educational demonstrations and research opportunities.

The Weightless Workshop can be customized for a variety of groups and focused on a specific subject (i.e. history, physics, art, science, math, etc). A ZERO-G Instructor will assist participants in establishing a strong foundation in a variety of areas: Newton's Laws, what is microgravity, parabolic flight, drop towers, suborbital and orbital flight, current scientific research in space, effects of space travel on humans, ZERO-G mission briefing, and much, much more.  The agenda incorporates a breakout session where attendees form small groups to create and build simple science experiments that could fly on a zero gravity flight.  
* The ZERO-G Weightless Workshop does not include a zero gravity flight
ZERO-G Basic Education Program: This combination of the ZERO-G Weightless Workshop and the ZERO-G Experience® is designed to provide educators and/or students with the ultimate hands-on experience. After learning about Newton's Laws, parabolic flight, and much more in a Weightless Workshop, participants will get the unique opportunity to work with an experiment in true weightlessness.
ZERO-G Advanced Education Program: The ZERO-G Advanced Education Program offers the most in-depth, educational experience with ZERO-G. Attendees will participate in the Weightless Workshop approximately two to four weeks prior to their scheduled ZERO-G Experience®. During the Weightless Workshop, attendees initiate and begin designing their experiments. During the weeks leading up to the ZERO-G Experience®, participants will submit experiment ideas, hypotheses, and experiment specifications for approval. Participants are encouraged to think outside the box in order to design an inventive hand-held experiment. On flight day, experiments are given final approval before attendees test them in microgravity.

PAST education partners Include...

      Great Lakes Science Center

•   Northrop Grumman Foundation

      Purdue University - Calumet

      Space Florida


      Technological Research & Development Authority



For More Information

Michelle Peters

Director, Research - Education - In-Flight

(321) 482-2964



“I am more excited, adventurous  and enthusiastic than I have been in a long time. I love science even more than before...”
- Vickie Thigpen, Educator

“I feel that I have inspired students to reach for the stars instead of the remote!”
- Karen Julian, Educator

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity - better than any content taught in the college classroom in preparation for a career in science education.”
- Carrie Cate-Clements, Educator

“I will be using this experience in my classroom until I retire! Incredible...”
- Judy Stellato, Educator

“I have been an aerospace educator for 25 years and this experience will be used in each class and workshop that I teach from now on.”
- Juliet Sisk, Educator