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Press Releases

December 4, 2018

USAFA and TAMU Leverage ZERO-G Weightless Lab (PDF)


December 18, 2017

ZERO-G Provides Colleges Unique Opportunity for Microgravity Research (PDF)


May 3, 2017
William Shatner Goes Weightless for Ultimate Fan Experience (PDF)


April 6, 2017
ZERO-G Research Flights Advance Technology for Future Deep-Space Missions (PDF)


Sept 22, 2014
ZERO-G Celebrates 10 Years of Weightlessness (PDF)


Feb 18, 2014
SI Flies With ZERO-G (PDF)


Oct 7, 2013
ZERO-G Flights for Virgin Galactic Future Astronauts (PDF)


Feb 4, 2013
ZERO-G and NASTAR Announce Partnership (PDF)


Dec 3, 2012
Advanced Research Opportunities Onboard ZERO-G Weightless Lab (PDF)


Nov 13, 2012
Kern the Travelling Gnome Goes on a ZERO-G Weightless Experience (PDF)


Nov 10, 2012
Brave Ben has the flight of his life (PDF)