If you’ve ever dreamed of flying, you can.
It’s surprisingly simple – but no less profound.

Feel the unbelievable freedom of weightlessness –
and discover your own potential.

For one amazing moment in time and space,
you’re unlike anyone else on the planet.

This is not a simulation. It’s real. You’re weightless!

What you’ll feel is like nothing else on Earth.

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ZERO-G Contests

Terms and Conditions

The contest winner (teacher) will be selected on May 8th, 2019 via direct message and has until May 13th, 2019 to respond and claim their prize. Zero Gravity Corporation will provide one flight to the contest winner to fly with a handheld experiment. Please refrain from using glass or large quantities of liquid in the experiment. The experiment must be handheld and weigh no more than 10 lbs. No animals or insects may be used. ZERO-G reserves the right to reject experiments that are unsafe or hazardous. Contest winner must select a ZERO-G flight in 2019 and must agree to ZERO-G’s terms and conditions (cancellation policy). Travel arrangements and accommodations are not included.